Free Vectors


You can read detailed info about vector format by clicking following link (out of our web site)


Vector format is an industrial format that used widely in graphic arts. To use, you need a vector editing software. If you have a vector file, the potential of it is limited with your imagination and abilities. If you can not use by yourself you can get help from a professional artist (e.g. graphic artist or a sign maker) and turn your file into a product. For example you can obtain a tugra vector from us and contacting a sign maker, he can plot a sticker in any size that you can paste on windows of your car. If a laser plotter is available there you can cut 3 dimensional products from wood etc. If you can reach a water jet you can also cut marble. With laser you can engrave wood perfectly. You can resize vector drawings nearly unlimited time without loss of quality. You can add and remove drawn parts, you can play with line thickness and colorize everything in the file. You can get very high quality prints


In internet media we encountered a lot of tugra vectors distributed freely or with fee. When we downloaded them the artistic values were either deplorable or expensive. That’s why we performed calligraphic vector drawings with hobby base, we aimed and guarded original artistic value and quality maximally. The Ottoman Sultan Tugras and ornaments in our web site are images that based on our vector drawings. For long years, we handled our tugra vectors in so many applications. As first time after 24 years we offer vector files of 5 Ottoman Sultan Tugras with reasonable fees. These tugras are Bayezid I (Thunderbolt), Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror, Sultan Selim I (Inflexible), Suleiman the Magnificent and marvellous tugra of Sultan Abdulhamid II.


In 24 years that we performed vector drawings, we also drew a lot of holy contents (e.g. verses from holy Quran, hadiths from prophet Mohammed (aleyhisselam), kelime-i tevhids, besmeles etc. We didn’t find appropriate to sell these species. But not to waste them we offer to present them freely (non vector images are followed below) to whom buys Sultan tugras mentioned above. If you want to get our paid and free vector calligraphic works please write an e mail with (vector) subject to get detailed information. E mails: or