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Welcome to the website where all Tugras of the Ottoman Sultans are gathered. We are pleased to serve you with the best tugra collection effort on the net. Our website has been the widest and most extensive information and image resource for Ottoman Sultan Tugras for years.  Hereby you can find all Ottoman Sultan Tugras and their readings and more.
What you see here is visible part of an iceberg in regard to our potential art applications. As a hobby, we do our work with pleasure. If we didn’t have this pleasure we should close the website years ago. Our major support is mails from visitors.
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While we had too many visitors in recent years, mails from visitors have been less than ten percent. We are very disappointed not to hear from you.  Our website does not require a registration or a fee. Although the registration process would be quite easy, in our opinion, it is not a preferred welcoming to our website visitors.
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